Why Is Your Toyota Overheating?

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Heat is one of the biggest enemies your Toyota’s engine has. Keeping your Toyota cool and running perfectly is what Toy Doctor is all about, and you need to know what might be causing your Toyota to overheat so that you can avoid serious issues due to heat.

Problems in the Cooling System

If any part of the cooling system, like the water pump or the radiator, experiences blockages or other failures, you’re going to experience overheating in your Toyota. You can also have issues with any of a number of hoses that connect the various pieces of the cooling system, especially if they’re getting older and more brittle. Leaks are a common sign of trouble, so be alert for puddles of antifreeze under your Toyota. 

Not Enough Antifreeze

Antifreeze or coolant is the primary ingredient in the cooling system. Without coolant, your Toyota’s engine is definitely going to have trouble staying in that optimal temperature zone. Thankfully it’s very easy to check your own coolant because the reservoir is easy to get to and it’s made to be able to see through, so you can tell at a glance whether you need to top up the reservoir.

Overdue for an Oil Change

You might not think that your Toyota’s oil is connected to keeping the engine from overheating, but it really is. Oil lubricates and cleans your Toyota’s engine, and it also helps the various parts to stay cooler. As the oil gets old and dirty it’s not able to do any of its main jobs as well, which is why you need to have the engine oil flushed and refilled so often. Skipping those oil changes means that the engine is going to have to work harder and it might run hotter than it should, too.

Failing Thermostat

Did you know that your Toyota has a thermostat? It’s a very simple one that just opens and closes in response to temperature. When this tiny, simple part fails, though, it has big repercussions for your entire car. Without the thermostat, the cooling system isn’t able to regulate temperature and your car is far more likely to overheat, even if everything else is in perfect working order.

Need help figuring out why your Toyota is overheating? Don’t go it alone, give us a call at Toy Doctor in Denver, CO. We’ll diagnose the issue for you and get you back on the road again in no time.

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