Why Brakes Need Repair

Brake Service Explained

Skipping brake service? We understand that vehicle owners are looking for ways to save on maintenance costs, but cutting out essential repairs isn’t a good way to do that. For the safety of your car and passengers, you always need fully functional brakes! We know what you’re thinking — why can’t brakes just last forever? Toy Doctor in Littleton, Colorado has the answer!

How Brakes Work

Before you can understand why brakes need repair, you have to understand how they work! Have you ever wondered how your car comes to a stop when you press on the pedal? Braking is a complex system. Hydraulic lines increase the force from your foot and apply that force as friction to stop the car. Physical components — the calipers, discs, and pads — on each wheel squeeze together to slow rotations. You know your braking system at its best as being smooth and responsive, but that isn’t always the case as brakes age and wear.

Why Brakes Wear Down

Using friction to slow down a heavy moving object creates a lot of heat! The physical friction and heat take a toll on the brake components over time, until they ultimately fail. The brake pads thin until they eventually disappear, the calipers can leak fluid and fail, and the discs might wear unevenly or warp. While this wear is normal, it’s not good for your vehicle or its safety. Once parts are worn, your car won’t stop as quickly or smoothly. That’s why automotive professionals recommend preventative repairs before serious damage occurs.

Why You Need Repairs

Timely brake service replaces worn out parts before damage spreads throughout the whole system and causes performance problems. The first part to go is usually the brake pads, which are designed to thin out over time. Once they get too thin, you need to replace them. If you don’t, the friction will damage the calipers and discs and you might lose brake power.

Is it time for your vehicle’s brake service? Schedule a visit with the experts at Toy Doctor in Littleton, Colorado! We are happy to help!


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