What Color Should My Toyota’s Transmission Fluid Be?

It can be very difficult to check your transmission fluid if the dipstick is located underneath your Toyota. In many cases, this is the case. Bring your vehicle to our Toyota service shop so we can check the tranny fluid for you. In order to protect the Toyota’s transmission and keep it operating as it should be, have the fluid changed every 30,000 miles. Let’s talk more about transmission fluid colors below.


The color of your Toyota’s transmission fluid should always be red. The transmission fluid should also be see-through all the time. If you see red spots underneath your Toyota more toward the center of the vehicle than the engine, your Toyota has a transmission fluid leak. Have the leak fixed right away to avoid overheating your Toyota’s transmission. Excess heat can damage it.


The color of the Toyota’s transmission fluid can also be orange or light brown. Provided the fluid is not cloudy, it is still in good shape and does not need to be changed. As you will learn as you keep reading, the transmission fluid changes colors as it gets older. The fluid will first turn light brown or orange. This being said, the fluid will remain translucent and capable of doing its job.


When the fluid turns from red to brown, it needs to be changed. The brown color is a sign that the Toyota’s transmission fluid has begun to oxidize. This fills the fluid with bubbles that make it difficult for the fluid to protect the transmission. It’s important to have the Toyota’s transmission fluid changed right away if it is brown or dark brown. This color can damage the transmission.


If you neglect to have the Toyota’s transmission fluid changed, it will turn black and start to harm the transmission. Aside from the black color, you will notice the transmission is rough, makes strange sounds, and may even be unresponsive. The transmission will also overheat with black transmission fluid because it cannot lubricate the parts and draw heat away from them.


Finally, you never want to see pink fluid in your Toyota’s transmission. This color means that there is coolant in the transmission fluid because the cooling system and transmission are leaking. This is a serious breach between the two systems that needs to be addressed immediately.

We are experts in Toyota services and repairs because it is the only make we work on, so bring your Toyota to our shop today if it is time to change the transmission fluid.

Photo by PongMoji from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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