Make Car Travel Fun With Your Kids

We all know what it is like to travel with kids when it’s the holidays. It can be stressful and taxing but Toy Doctor in Colorado has found some great tips to help you through it!

Plan Your Travel Ahead

If you will involve your kids in the process of planning the trip, they will have a sense of pride. You can give them small tasks to complete in the upcoming days, prior to travel. Before you arrive at your holiday destination, make sure you have done research on places for entertainment.

Be Calm & Flexible

Things can happen so it is important that you remain as flexible as you can to avoid mini-meltdowns. Try to remember that family time is precious and important. Whether it’s a spill or a potty accident, stay calm.

Let Them In On The Details 

Once you have completed all the travel details, let the kids know. Kids generally will be more cooperative if they know what to expect. The little details like when you are leaving, where you will be staying and activities planned, can help children feel more at ease.

Bring Snacks….Lots Of Snacks

We know what it means to be HANGRY, right? A generous stash of nutritious snacks can be a real lifesaver! Trail mixes, fruits and non-perishable items are the easiest. Drinks with attached straws and water bottles make for less spills.You can use grocery bags for trash and dispose of it at gas station stops.

Keep Them Entertained

When your family is poaching, let your kids each bring a bag of toys, mobile devices, movies and books that they love. It is key to have them as engaged as possible during the drive. For smaller children, grab a few toys they may have not played with that much lately, so that it is fresh entertainment for them. Have the old kids count cars, read license plates, or tally up the road signs. Audiobooks are a great way to keep tweens and teens occupied.


Sometimes childproofing can be a real headache but if you do this on the front end of your trip, you will be glad you did. As much as you can, do the hotel room, car and the home of the family you are visiting. You can even create your own little travel kit with duct tape to cover any outlets, tie down curtains or cords and also to secure any bathroom closets.

While traveling during the holidays can be stressful, Toy Doctor in Colorado hopes you will take note of these helpful tips.

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