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Littleton’s Scion Specialists

Do you drive an xB, xD, FR-S, iA, iQ, or any other Scion model? If so, you need the specialized services of Toy Doctor Auto Repair in Littleton, Colorado to protect its performance and condition! Our ASE Certified technicians are also Toyota Master Certified, meaning they are fully equipped and trained to perform genuine Scion repairs and maintenance services. In their decades of experience, they’ve learned from the best in Toyota training schools and continue to develop their skills and knowledge today. Since 1993, our shop has specialized in services for Asian imports and continues to provide premier auto solutions in our area, our facility is outfitted with parts and equipment from factory manufacturers. The tools we use are the same used by the dealership. The technicians we have in the garage have the same level of training. The only difference is that our shop genuinely cares for our customers. We offer our services at affordable prices so anyone can access the quality care their vehicle deserves!

What Makes Us Different

Why visit Toy Doctor Auto Repair over any other auto repair shop? Our family-owned and operated facility has proudly served Littleton, Colorado for a quarter of a century. We love helping drivers in our community and are proud to be the team that protects their vehicles. As valued investments, vehicles mean a lot to people in our area. No one understands that better than us. We respect your vehicle, time, and money with authentic, high-quality, and affordable repairs. Choose us for our fair prices, genuine Scion parts, and fast service. Whatever brings you into our shop, know that you get the best of everything with highly professional service. Local auto care means you always know where to go for problems. Your trusted mechanics have the solution and are just a phone call away! If you need the expert services of our Scion specialists, contact us. We’ll coordinate the repairs you need and ensure you and your family are completely cared for.

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Does your Scion need an oil change, brake repair, transmission service, timing belt replacement, or any other service? Your local experts at Toy Doctor Auto Repair in Littleton, Colorado are here to help. We are your specialized Scion support team! When you visit our shop regularly for maintenance, we can help you protect your vehicle for well over 200,000 miles! When you come to us at the first sign of problems, we perform accurate repairs to restore optimal performance. All you have to do is get to our shop. You don’t need an appointment to get started, but feel free to make one at your convenience using our online scheduling system. We look forward to your visit!

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