How You Can Avoid Back Pain on Long Drives

When you’re spending hours driving cross country, you’re going to need to be comfortable with good lumbar support and posture in order to avoid any lasting back pain and neck strain that could lead to an expensive chiropractor visit. So whether you’re hauling and towing goods, traveling for work, or just out on a road trip, here are some ways that you can avoid back pain when you’re out driving long distances!

Sit With Your Back Aligned and Plenty of Lumbar Support

Simply sitting up straight with proper spine alignment and lumbar support can work wonders when it comes to avoiding back pain! When you’re in the driver’s seat, your back should be against the seat in an upright position a good distance away from the steering wheel. When you’re driving, you shouldn’t have to slouch forward or strain to be able to reach the wheel properly. And if you need additional support, you can invest in lumbar support cushions to provide extra help in keeping your back, pelvis, and neck in the proper position.

Take Advantage of Opportunities To Get Out and Stretch Your Legs

One of the best things you can do in order to keep comfortable on the road is to get out of your car every few hours to readjust and stretch. Thankfully, most rest areas and truck stops along the highway will have an area to get out and walk around, but even if you’re just at the gas station, you can still stretch a bit while your gas is pumping so you can get back on the road with comfort!

Get Any Vehicle Issues Taken Care of Before You Depart

Things like your tires, brakes, and alignment system are all big parts of keeping your ride stable and driving well, and when you put off your vehicle’s needs, it can make your driving experience bumpy and uncomfortable. So in order to maximize your comfort on the road for cross country travel, it’s a good idea to get any major vehicle issues taken care of before you depart. Things like brake pad replacements, tire rotations and inspections, and alignment checks will greatly help your vehicle drive smoothly and stay comfortable behind the wheel!

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