How Does Your Car Let You Know that Your Transmission Fluid Needs Changing?

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It would help a lot if there were a transmission light in most Toyotas, right? But there’s just not enough real estate on the dashboard of most cars, so you are better off following the maintenance schedule for your Toyota’s transmission. It’s also important to know what some signs of transmission trouble are, and Toy Doctor has a list for you.

You Notice that Transmission Performance Has Changed

One of the bigger signs that you might need to get your car’s transmission fluid checked is that the transmission is noticeably having trouble. It might respond sluggishly when you press the gas, for instance, or you might feel it slipping gears. These changes are sometimes temporary, especially if you respond quickly and have your transmission inspected right away.

Or that the Transmission Is Louder than Usual

Sometimes the transmission isn’t acting noticeably different, but it might be making some new noises. Anytime you’re hearing new sounds from the rear of the car, that’s likely to be the transmission. You could also be hearing these sounds, often grinding or thumping noises, while you’re also noticing the transmission is having trouble shifting. That’s definitely a warning sign to take action now.

There’s a Transmission Fluid Leak Somewhere

Transmission fluid is an oily fluid and it’s typically some shade of reddish-brown or brown. The newer it is, the more likely it is to be translucent. You really shouldn’t see transmission fluid under your car, so if you do, you cannot afford to ignore that problem. It is only going to continue to get worse until you do finally take action.

The Check Engine Light Turns On

The dreaded check engine light is your really big warning, especially if you’ve ignored some of these other signs. The best news about the check engine light is that it isn’t always a harbinger of immediate engine failure. What it usually means is that something, in this case your Toyota’s transmission, is having issues that are going to eventually affect the engine. If you get the situation checked out now, you can avoid engine problems and correct whatever is going wrong.

Need help with your transmission? Call Toy Doctor in Denver, CO today. We’ll make sure that we know exactly what’s wrong with your transmission, whether it’s got serious issues or simply needs new transmission fluid. Then we’ll help you to get back on the road safely again in your Toyota.

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