Four Things that Damage Your Toyota’s Tires

Do you know all of the different factors that can shorten the life of your Toyota’s tires? Toy Doctor has some advice for you that might help your car’s tires to last just a little bit longer than they might have in the past.


One of the biggest nemeses for your car and your car’s tires is the dreaded pothole. Small ones are bad enough, but the big ones are truly awful. They’re especially bad if you encounter them at night or when it’s rained and the pothole isn’t obvious because it’s full of water. Not only do they give you a pretty big bump and possibly chew up your tires, but they also can cause your wheel alignment and balance to go out of whack, which can lead to uneven tire wear. 

Bumps and Curbs

Curbs, bumps, and assorted other larger obstacles are a big problem for your Toyota’s tires. You might think it doesn’t matter when you butt up against parking stops or when you accidentally catch a curb as you’re going around a corner. But those little bits of damage can add up and they can take more of a toll on your car’s tires than you think they do.

Road Debris

You can’t really avoid all the road debris out there because it’s everywhere. It also encompasses a lot of different types of materials. Some are even sharp and can lead to punctures in your tires. Road debris is also really difficult to see, making it even more difficult to spot, even if you could avoid it.

Your Own Driving Habits

It hurts to say it, but how you drive can affect how long your tires hold up. If you’re one of those drivers who likes to go fast and stop short, that has a huge impact on the life of your car’s tires. Cornering too fast, clipping curbs often, and ignoring speed bump signs all matters a lot. Each of these actions chews up a little more tire tread than it should, making your tires a little less likely to hit the mileage recommendation from the tire manufacturer. 

Not sure if you need new tires or not? Give us a call at Toy Doctor in Denver, CO. We’ll be happy to inspect your tires and let you know what you need to know about their condition. If you do need new tires, we’ll be happy to get you into the right set for your Toyota.

Photo by Wavebreakmedia from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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