Four Reasons Your Toyota’s Tires Are Wearing Unevenly

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Have you noticed that the tread on your Toyota’s tires is wearing unevenly? You might even have chunks of tread completely missing if the problem is bad enough. Here’s what Toy Doctor wants you to know about uneven tread wear and what you can do about it.

Wheels Are Out of Alignment

When your Toyota’s wheels are out of alignment, that means that they’re pointing slightly in the wrong direction. The tires aren’t able to support the weight of the car properly and the tread isn’t accurately lining up to approach the road head-on. All of this can start to chew away at the tire tread very unevenly. Over time you may even start to develop suspension problems.

Wheels Are Unbalanced

Unbalanced tires don’t hit the road evenly, so there’s no way that your Toyota’s tires can wear evenly at all. Proper balancing doesn’t take long at all and you can have this done at the same time as other tire services to make life a little bit easier. Most models are recommended to get wheel balancing done every few thousand miles, so you can stack this service with something like tire rotation.

Tires Need the Proper Inflation

How important is tire inflation for your Toyota’s tires? Way more important than you might think. Whether they’ve got too much air or too little air, your tires can experience uneven tread wear in both situations. That doesn’t mean that you have to check the air in your tires every single time you start up the car. What it does mean is that you should probably check the tire pressure manually every couple of weeks or so, just to be sure that you’re on the right track.

Tires Need Rotating

If you’re not getting your Toyota’s tires rotated regularly, double-check the owner’s manual. You should see some information about how often Toyota recommends that you get the tires rotated on your particular model. When you do this as often as recommended, you are doing a lot to extend the life of your tires by making sure that the tread wears as evenly as possible.

Don’t let your Toyota’s tires suffer from uneven tread wear. Give us a call at Toy Doctor in Denver, CO. We can help with all sorts of preventative maintenance needs. We can also help you to determine what’s causing uneven tread wear in your Toyota’s tires and get the problem solved.

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