Four Reasons You Don’t Want to Skip Oil Changes

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It’s tough to keep up with some routine maintenance, and Toy Doctor understands. But when you know what sort of effect those decisions have on your Toyota’s engine and other systems, you might consciously choose differently.

The Engine Works Harder

Your engine oil helps to protect your Toyota’s engine by keeping it lubricated and clean. It also helps to keep it running cooler. So, if you’re not getting the oil changed, you’ve got old oil trying to keep up. That doesn’t work and your engine ends up working way harder than it should have to work. That causes problems elsewhere.

Your Exhaust System Gets Overwhelmed

Your Toyota’s exhaust system has a couple of jobs, and the main one is to make sure exhaust moves out of the engine and through the catalytic converter and muffler, eventually leaving via the tailpipe. When you’re not getting oil changes as often as you should, and the engine is working harder, the exhaust system is also working harder and has a tough time keeping up. Exhaust piles up and it can get pretty bad. 

Gas Mileage Suffers

Between your car’s engine and exhaust system working harder than they need to, you might expect to see worse gas mileage. That’s a big problem because your engine isn’t working efficiently at all, so it’s burning a lot more fuel. At first, this issue might not be as noticeable, but over time it’s just going to get worse and worse.

You Can End up with Bigger Issues

But the biggest concern with skipping oil changes in your Toyota is that you can end up with a lot more problems. Eventually, this all causes engine damage. You might see an oil light on your dashboard, which is your clue to really take this situation seriously. If you don’t, you run the risk of getting to a point where the check engine light comes on. And if you ignore that one, you could end up with catastrophic damage.

Make sure you’re protecting your Toyota. Give us a call at Toy Doctor in Denver, CO to schedule your next oil change. We can help you to get and to stay on a schedule for making sure that your Toyota’s oil is changed exactly when it should be. That helps you to keep your car running perfectly for a lot longer than it would have if you ignored such important maintenance.

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