Common Subaru Repairs

What to Expect

Subaru is synonymous with reliability, longevity, and simplicity. Their drivers know that they have a well-made machine that’s designed to last for decades! Toy Doctor in Littleton, Colorado supports Subaru owners with maintenance services that protect this reliability. But we know that like all other vehicles, Subarus are also susceptible to their share of minor problems. Here are a few common ones we see in our shop!

Warm Air Conditioning

We’ve seen a few Subarus in our shop for air conditioning problems, especially during the summer months. The common problem is that the air blowing through the vents isn’t very cold. In most cases, this means the o-ring seals on the Subaru’s A/C system are worn out and might be leaking. If you don’t feel cold air coming from your air vents, you should ask a professional to inspect the system. You don’t want leaks to cause damage to other parts!

Axle Problems

Subaru axles connect the wheels to the transmission. They are made of inner and outer joints that are heavily greased in a rubber boot for smooth operation. Sometimes, the inner boot near the exhaust system wears out or breaks. That can lead to a bad burning smell. If you visit someone like Toy Doctor who knows Subarus well, they’ll know to check the axles for damage.

Blown Head Gaskets

Engine oil and coolant flow through the head gasket under the hood of your car. Subarus are sometimes susceptible to head gasket failures, which causes damaging leaks throughout the engine compartment. If you notice a drop in fluid levels or smell something burning, you might have a blown gasket. Visit an expert to have the problem addressed.

Worn Front Suspension

All Subarus are all-wheel drive. This makes their suspension systems a little different. It’s a good idea to inspect the system regularly for signs of wear, as they are particularly susceptible. Rubber components on the front suspension wear out and crack over time. Let an expert tell you if you need to replace them for continued smooth driving.

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